As the Director of Safety, Fire and Environmental Programs (SFEP), Ms. Patricia Williams is responsible for ensuring that the Architect of the Capitol (AOC) complies with safety, fire and environmental regulations. SFEP establishes safety policy, conducts oversight, and coordinates emergency planning and preparedness. SFEP also serves as the AOC's point of contact with external regulatory agencies for occupational safety and health, fire protection and environmental matters.

Ms. Williams arrived at the AOC after eight years with the Department of Energy (DOE). While at DOE headquarters, Ms. Williams served as the Director of the Office of Worker Safety and Health Assessments in the Office of Enterprise Assessments that serves as the check-and-balance that meets the department's responsibilities as a self-regulating entity and provides the Office of the Secretary, DOE and contractor managers, Congress, and other stakeholders with an independent evaluation of the adequacy of DOE policy and line management performance. She was responsible for the management and functional leadership of the Worker Safety and Health independent oversight program for the DOE Complex, as well as strategic planning support for safety, fire protection, emergency management and security independent oversight assessments to improve organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

Prior to that, Ms. Williams worked in the Office of Safety and Emergency Management Assessments, leading assessments to improve safety program implementation and use of Integrated Safety Management Systems across the DOE complex and organizational culture assessments at a number of DOE nuclear construction and production sites to determine the health of the safety culture and employee willingness to raise concerns.

Ms. Williams' career in safety began at the Brookhaven National Laboratory. She held a number of environmental safety and health-related positions during her 22-year tenure there, including serving as the Safety and Health Service Division Director for the laboratory complex, which is home to almost 3,000 research scientists, engineers and support staff, and annually hosts more than 4,000 visiting researchers.

Ms. Williams holds a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from the State University of New York at Stony Brook, and a Master of Science degree in mechanical engineering from Manhattan College. She is a Board Certified Safety Professional and received a certificate for an Executive Program in Safety Management.