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Section, Revised Dome Design for U.S. Capitol. Pen, Ink and watercolor by Thomas U. Walter, 1859.

History & Discoveries

Dancing by Dawn's Early Light

Did you know that the 15,000-pound bronze Statue of Freedom, standing atop the 9 million pounds of cast iron of the U.S. Capitol Dome, dances every day?
History & Discoveries

100 Year-Old Russell Senate Office Building: Getting Some "Work Done"

By aoc staff | May 13, 2010

The Russell Senate Office Building is looking really good for its age but, to keep it in tip-top condition, the Architect of the Capitol spent some time studying the building's exterior in preparation to clean, repair and restore the exterior envelope of this historic building.

History & Discoveries

Dome Keepers

By matt guilfoyle | March 13, 2010

The iconic "Walter dome" atop the Capitol is recognized around the world as a symbol of American strength and freedom. During its construction from 1855 to 1866, perhaps the greatest threat to the dome was the outbreak of the Civil War. To protect the capital city, a garrison of Union soldiers was stationed within the Capitol.