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2016 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey Results

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Architect of the Capitol (AOC) employees reported very favorable perceptions about working at the AOC. In a federal employee survey about workplace engagement, the AOC scored favorably in 95 percent of questions, and higher than the federal government average on 85 percent of questions.

Every other year, the AOC conducts the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) to measure employees' perceptions of whether, and to what extent, conditions characterizing successful organizations are present at the AOC.

In 2016, the AOC scored highly favorable in 70 percent of questions and favorable in 25 percent of questions, with just 5% of questions unfavorable. Overall, the AOC scored an average of 5 percent higher than the federal government-wide average. Specifically, the AOC scored above the federal government average on 85 percent of questions, and scored comparable to or higher than the federal government average across the board. In 2016, AOC scores improved in two-thirds (66 percent) of comparable questions by an average of 5 percent over 2014 scores.

A detailed summary of the survey results is provided in this separate document: AOC 2016 FEVS Results

The Partnership for Public Service uses the FEVS data from all federal agencies to calculate its annual ranking of the Best Places to Work in the Federal Government. In 2016, the AOC ranked 11th out of 27 mid-size agencies. More information about the Best Places to Work rankings can be found at http://www.bestplacestowork.org.