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Saving Energy at the AOC

Saving Energy at the AOC

Friday, April 17, 2015

Here at the Architect of the Capitol (AOC), our challenge is unique – we must maintain aging, iconic buildings while adapting to state-of-the-art technology and increasing responsiveness to environmental, security and safety considerations.

On this 45th anniversary of Earth Day, the AOC is proud to announce the advancement of a continued focus to strengthen a culture of sustainability across Capitol Hill.

Ten years ago the AOC received a congressional mandate to reduce our energy 30 percent by the end of FY 2015. Today we have significant progress to report, through March our energy reduction stands at 29.9%. 

In just six months, our added savings equate to:

  • $2 million in energy savings


  • Taking the Longworth House Office Building off the grid

The AOC is committed to keeping with its legacy of sustainability and is confident in its progress toward its final energy reduction goal.

For more information about the AOC's sustainability program, visit: aoc.gov/strategic-initiatives/sustainability