The Summerhouse on the Capitol Grounds surrounded by pink azalea flowers.
A few ideas to help you in planning a visit to Capitol Hill.


The Architect of the Capitol’s challenge is unique – maintaining aging, iconic buildings; adapting state-of-the-art technology; and increasing responsiveness to environmental, security and safety considerations in a rich historical setting.
The Architect of the Capitol's challenge is unique – maintaining aging, iconic...


Calder's Mountains and Clouds sculpture without the clouds portion.
During the upcoming construction activity, the four clouds will be lowered to...

Who We Are

Kevin Mulshine

Inspector General
A photographic portrait of Kevin Mulshine

Kevin Mulshine assumed the role of Inspector General for the Architect of the Capitol in September 2013. Mr. Mulshine has worked for the Architect of the Capitol (AOC) since 1997 and in the Office of General Counsel (OGC) since 2002. He was appointed Chief Employment Counsel for the AOC in 1997. The Office of Chief Employment Counsel became part of the OGC in 2004. Prior to his selection as Deputy General Counsel, Mr. Mulshine specialized in employment and personnel matters, labor management relations law, and occupational safety and health law (including mediation and litigation) on behalf of the AOC.
Prior to joining the AOC, Mr. Mulshine served as Senior Advisor and Counsel to the Congressional Office of Compliance in the Office of General Counsel. Among his responsibilities was the organization and opening of that newly-created workplace rights and safety office for the Congress in 1995-96. Mr. Mulshine also worked 15 years for the National Labor Relations Board General Counsel. In the mid-1970’s, Mr. Mulshine served for nearly three years on the Capitol Hill staff of a New Jersey congressman.
Mr. Mulshine is a 1974 graduate of Livingston College, Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ.  He is also a 1980 cum laude graduate from Howard University Law School.
For more than 32 years, Mr. Mulshine has served as a volunteer mediator in community, Federal agency, and court mediation programs.