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Conservatory Façade and Roof Restoration

Conservatory Façade and Roof Restoration

The United States Botanic Garden (USBG) and Architect of the Capitol (AOC) will restore the deteriorating stone façade and roof of the historic USBG Conservatory. Aside from a modest addition at the rear of the building, the historic Conservatory exterior remains unchanged from its 1933 appearance. 

The USBG Conservatory contains two courtyard gardens and 10 garden rooms under glass, totaling 28,944 square feet of growing space, and also has two exhibit galleries. The USBG is one of the most visited public gardens in the United States, welcoming more than 1.2 million visitors annually.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Conservatory façade and roof under restoration?

Years of weather have led to discoloration, cracking, and deterioration of the façade and decorative features. Water proofing on the roof has failed, leading to damaging water infiltration.

What are the benefits of the project?

The project will restore damage to the limestone façade and restore the integrity of the roof, preserving this 83-year-old historic building for decades to come.  

What are the impacts of this project on staff and visitors?

The USBG will remain fully open and accessible throughout construction. During construction, the stone façade will be fenced-in, but accessible paths around the Conservatory will remain open. Access to the National Garden will remain available through two entrances on Maryland Avenue SW and Independence Ave SW. Some of the restoration work could create noise, but will occur before the Conservatory opens and have minimal impact on visitors.

Who can I contact for more details?

For additional questions related to this project, please contact Devin Dotson, USBG Public Affairs Specialist, at 202.306.6743.

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