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Ulysses S. Grant Memorial Restoration

This captivating monument is in the midst of a meticulous conservation effort. In 2016, disfiguring corrosion was removed; over 150 castings of missing or broken pieces, from swords to chain links, were reintegrated into the monument. The marble plinths were refurbished, with joints repointed and stains removed. This work on the bronze components and marble pedestals allow viewers to again see the subtle details of the original sculpture.

With the restoration of the bronze statuary behind us, we are ready to embark upon the next phases of the Ulysses S. Grant Memorial restoration. The early stages of this work, beginning in March 2017, will necessitate blocking public access to the top tier of the north side of the plaza. This is in preparation for the larger continuing repair program to the memorial, which focuses is on repairing, cleaning and waterproofing the remaining stone portions of the memorial. Work includes replacing missing sections of balustrade, stone lamp bases and resetting marble pavers and steps on the upper plaza. Additional work on the memorial's infrastructure, drainage system and the original custom bronze lamp will be performed.

This work is being coordinated with U.S. Capitol Police and will have minor impact on the permitted photography in this area.

Full project details, including photos and video, can be found at aoc.gov/grant.

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