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Senate Work Request

The Senate Service Center is the first stop for building occupants and guests that need services in their offices or directions through the buildings to a special event. AOC's Senate Superintendent's Office has a work request application that automates the process for initiating work requests and for tracks the status of requests as they progress through the work order system.

When accessing the Senate Work Request Application, you will be asked to login to the with you unique User ID and Password. 

Once logged in, your personal inbox displays all requests you have entered with the status of each request. From your Inbox you can:

  • Review details of a work request 
    Click on the Work Request tab at the top left of your Inbox to display your Work Request Home Page. This page displays the chronological list of your requests, with a brief description and status of each request. As requests are approved, they are assigned a Work Order Number. Click on the details of an approved request to review the details of the Work Order.
  • Edit or delete requests 
    From your Work Request Home Page, click on any request that has not yet been approved and does not have an assigned work order number. The details of the request display and you can make revisions and/or deletions from this window. Resubmit the request by clicking Save at the bottom of the window.
  • Submit a new work request 
    From either your personal inbox or your Work Request Home Page, click on Submit New Work Request to open the Work Request Wizard. The 3-step Wizard allows you to enter multiple requests per session for any one location. Fill in the fields in Step 1 and click Next. Step 2 asks you to enter the details of the request. Step 3 gives you the opportunity to review your request. Click Finish to submit your request to the Service Center for action.
  • Track work requests 
    From your personal inbox, you can access the status of all of your online work requests. You will be able to determine where your request is and be informed of any action that has been performed with regard to that request.

Submit Senate Work Request