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U.S. Capitol Exterior Preservation Project Overview

This is a multi-phased project designed to address deferred maintenance, extend the life expectancy of the deteriorated stone and to replace missing elements of the U.S. Capitol Building.

The U.S. Capitol Exterior Stone and Metal Preservation Project includes cleaning of the stone and pediment sculpture, replacement of the mortar and sealants at all of the stone joints, treatment of the carved stone and pediment sculpture, replacement of stone where elements are missing or cannot be repaired, and replacement of the bird deterrent systems. The project also includes preserving the metal lampposts, hanging lanterns and railings around the Capitol.


  • Phase 1 — North Extensions (Senate Wing). More than 300 marble stone carvings replaced unsound and/or missing details on the cornice and column capitals. Light fixtures were refurbished and reinstalled.

A deteriorated stone modillion from the U.S. Capitol.

A newly carved stone modillion from the U.S. Capitol.

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