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Arbor Day Founder Tree

Common Name: Eastern Black Walnut
Botanical Name: Juglans Nigra

Current Location: Capitol Square, S.E.
Planted: April 22, 1932

Sponsor: Unknown

Honoree Details

Respected as an agriculturalist, J. Sterling Morton sought to instruct people in the modern techniques of farming and forestry. Among his most significant achievements was the founding of Arbor Day. He became well known in Nebraska for his political, agricultural, and literary activities and served with distinction as President Cleveland's secretary of agriculture. More...

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Pictured: Major Robert Young Stuart, Chief of the U.S. Forest Service, planting the tree on the U.S. Capitol's East Front Lawn.

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Tree Details

Black walnut is an important forest species in the east and midwest and is highly prized for the production of furniture, cabinets and gunstocks. It's messy fruits leave a strong stain.