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Dome Restoration Project Updates

Update: April 2015

As part of the Capitol Dome Restoration Project, the Tholos (part of the Dome located below the Statue of Freedom) will be enclosed by a white protective enclosure for the removal of paint until summer of this year. This will allow construction repair work to begin at the Tholos level.

Due to the enclosure, starting the evening of Thursday, April 16, the lights in the Tholos that signify when either the House of Representatives or the U.S. Senate are in session will no longer be visible. Four temporary LED lights have been placed on the scaffold that project outward from the Tholos. These lights will illuminate when either the House or Senate are in session. After work is complete and the enclosure is removed, the regular Tholos lights will again be visible.


Scaffoldin​g and Restoring Phase

The Dome Restoration Project team is currently working behind large containment areas to remove lead paint and apply primer before repairing the cracks. As additional containment areas are mounted, the Architect of the Capitol is now using a new fabric to reduce the possibility of tearing during installation that can be caused by high wind gusts. This new material has a pink hue and will be used for most of the remaining containment areas, except near the top of the Dome where the plastic material would be better suited for enclosure at that location.

Construction task lighting is visible on the Capitol Dome in support of the Dome Restoration Project. The 720 LED construction task lights are installed to help workers as they restore the Dome at night.

Dome Restoration Project​ Mobilization

In support of the Dome Restoration trucks deliver equipment and supplies to the East and West Fronts of the U.S. Capitol. These deliveries occur between 6 a.m. and 3 p.m. Flagmen direct pedestrians to use the sidewalk during the delivery process for safety. If a pedestrian is unable to use the alternate sidewalk due to the need for wheelchair accessibility or other accommodation, then the flagmen will direct the truck traffic to stop and allow the pedestrian to safely pass on the sidewalk. Additionally, a staging area has been established on the northwest lawn of the U.S. Capitol for the duration of the project.
The plan below shows the truck route (red), the pedestrian route during deliveries (blue) and the staging area (yellow).

A map of the Dome Restoration Project Mobilization Traffic Pattern