Photograph of people walking outside on a Self-Guided Tour of Capitol Hill
Visitors can tour many highlights on Capitol Hill without registering.


Painted Portrait of Benjamin Henry Latrobe
Benjamin Henry Latrobe was hired by President Jefferson in 1803 to fill the...


Safety canopy rising inside the interior dome of the Capitol
The Architect of the Capitol will conduct a briefing for media on the reopening...


Stewards of iconic buildings and grounds of Capitol Hill since 1793.


The white marble Peace Monument was erected in 1877-1878 to commemorate the naval deaths at sea during the Civil War.
At the top of the Peace Monument, facing west, stand two classically robed female figures. Grief... More »
Bartholdi Fountain
In 1877 the United States paid $6,000 for an iron fountain sculpted by Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi (... More »


The U.S. Capitol can be seen over the wetlands area of the National Garden.
This fall, the National Garden at the United States Botanic Garden (USBG) turns 10 years old.... More »
Capitol Building Sheet Metal Shop auto brake.
Every one of us at the Architect of the Capitol, in every job we do, uses tools to serve, preserve... More »
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