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Office of General Counsel

Office of General Counsel

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The AOC Office of General Counsel (OGC) provides legal advice and counsel to the Architect and other agency managers.

The OGC advises the Architect on all legal matters including construction contracts, service contracts, occupational safety and health matters, employment and labor management and employee relations, environmental issues, new and proposed legislation and interpretation of legislative intent, insurance and liability, and property acquisition management legal issues. The OGC is the supervising ethics office for the Architect of the Capitol and the Botanic Garden, pursuant to 5 U.S.C § 7353 and Title I of the Ethics in Government Act 1978.

Tort Claim Form

Standard Form 95 is used to present claims against the United States under the Federal Tort Claims Act for property damage, personal injury, or death allegedly caused by a federal employee's negligence or wrongful act or omission occurring within the scope of the employee's Federal employment. These claims must be presented to the federal agency whose employee's conduct gave rise to the injury. The Form 95 must be completed and state a claim for money damages in a sum certain amount claimed for injury to or loss of property, personal injury, or death. If a sum certain is not specified in block 12d on the Form 95 or in accompanying information, a submission cannot be considered to be a valid claim. The completed Form 95 must be presented to the appropriate federal agency within two years after the claim accrues.

Touhy Policy

AOC Order 38-2 "Release of Official Information in Litigation and Testimony by Architect of the Capitol Personnel as Witnesses" governs what action an AOC employee should take if summoned by a court to testify or provide documents in an official capacity in litigation where the AOC is not a party.

The order also establishes the General Counsel as the designated agent for service of process on the AOC or on the Architect of the Capitol in his official capacity. Any questions regarding this policy should be directed to the General Counsel's Office at 202.225.1210.

Contact the Office of General Counsel

To file a claim with the Office of the Architect of the Capitol under the Federal Tort Claims Act, please mail the form to the Architect of the Capitol Office of General Counsel 2nd & D Streets SW, Room H2-265A, Washington, DC 20515 or fax the form to the Office of General Counsel at 202-225-5927.

The Office of General Counsel's main phone number is 202-225-1210.