The Architect of the Capitol (AOC) employs more than two dozen architects who work in different divisions across the agency with various roles and


Across Capitol Hill, electricians of the Architect of the Capitol (AOC) are responsible for thousands of miles of wiring and more than 100,000 light fixtures


The Architect of the Capitol (AOC) employs around 100 engineers focused in different disciplines, including: mechanical, fire protection, electrical, civil


Architect of the Capitol (AOC) gardeners care for the grounds of the Capitol Building, the Congressional Office Buildings, the U.S. Supreme Court, the Library

Historic Preservation

Historic preservation on one level is understanding and appreciating history and what it teaches us about ourselves. However, preservation also means taking


The Architect of the Capitol (AOC) is responsible for the preservation and maintenance of the stone exterior of the U.S. Capitol as well as the exteriors of all


The Architect of the Capitol's (AOC) maintenance mechanics work around the clock to ensure the facilities are always performing to the best of their ability

Painting and Plaster

The men and women who comprise the Architect of the Capitol (AOC) painting craft are master illusionists and AOC's teams of plasterers ensure the unique


Architect of the Capitol (AOC) is responsible for thousands of miles of pipes across Capitol Hill. This includes a wide variety of piping including drinking

Metal Work

Metal is a foundational part of the buildings under the Architect of the Capitol's (AOC) care, metal conduits carry electrical wires through the buildings

Visitor Services

For many visitors, a trip to Washington, D.C. is a once in a lifetime event. The staff of the Architect of the Capitol plays an important role in those visits


Capitol Hill is known for its grand buildings including the iconic daises, committee and member desks along and other intricate woodworking. The care and

What is the "whispering gallery" in the U.S. Capitol?

The half-dome shape of National Statuary Hall produces an acoustical effect whereby, in some spots, a speaker many yards away may be heard more clearly than one closer at hand. The modern-day echoes occur in different locations from those in the 19th century, when the floor and ceiling of the hall were different.

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Fire Egress at the Library of Congress

The Architect of the Capitol's Construction Division with the support of the AOC Library Buildings and Grounds jurisdiction worked together to complete the Fire Door Improvements project.

Leave No Stone Unrestored

All around the U.S. Capitol campus, there is something that you cannot avoid seeing as you look at the historic buildings: stone.

It's About Time

Time has taken its toll on the United State Capitol's stone, but our preservation effort will restore even the finer details, hand-carved by artisans.

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