The Hall of Columns takes its name from the 28 fluted, white marble columns that line the corridor.
The Hall of Columns is a dramatic, high-ceilinged corridor over 100 feet long...


The Summerhouse on the Capitol Grounds surrounded by pink azalea flowers.
A few ideas to help you in planning a visit to Capitol Hill.


Painted Portrait of Benjamin Henry Latrobe
Benjamin Henry Latrobe was hired by President Jefferson in 1803 to fill the...


Water infiltration has led to leaking and staining in the Rotunda.
The restoration of the Rotunda will ensure this hallowed space will be enjoyed...

Who We Are

Senate Superintendent's Office

Senate Superintendent's Office

Senate Superintendent's Office

Working around the clock, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the men and women of the AOC Senate Superintendent Office are dedicated to serving the United States Senate by ensuring the historic fabric of the buildings are maintained while meeting modern and evolving workplace needs. The three primary Senate Office Buildings, outside of the U.S. Capitol, total more than 2.7 million square feet and include the Russell, Dirksen and Hart Buildings.

The Senate Superintendent's Office, led by Superintendent Takis Tzamaras, is comprised of a variety of skills and trades including the operation of the air conditioning, cleaning, labor, electrical, elevator, fire/electronics, health and fitness facilities, masonry, painting and refinishing, plumbing, sheet metal, subway, furniture, upholstery, and wood crafting. These skilled tradespersons work behind the scenes providing services to the Senate that include: ensuring a safe and comfortable indoor environment; preserving historic structures; maintenance, repair, and construction; and furnishing and care of office suites.

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Need Assistance?

Contact the Senate Superintendent Service Center at 202.224.3141 or submit an Online Service Request (must be connected to Capitol Hill network to access link).

AOC Senate Project Updates

Other projects underway across Capitol Hill.

Leadership in the Senate Superintendent's Office

 The Senate Superintendent's Office is committed to client satisfaction, efficiency and effectiveness, continuous and open communications, and empowering employees.

A photographic portrait of Takis Tzamaras

Takis Tzamaras, Superintendent

In 2002, Takis joined the Architect of the Capitol as the Fire Protection Engineer responsible for the fire and life safety program in the Senate Office Buildings. In September 2004, Takis became the Assistant Superintendent responsible for the oversight of design and construction projects, worker safety, and computer-aided facilities management in the Senate Buildings. In 2007, Takis became the Deputy Superintendent of the Senate Superintendent's Office and in April 2013 was named Superintendent, Senate Office Buildings. More »

A photographic portrait of Lawrence Barr

Lawrence Barr, Deputy Superintendent

Lawrence joined the Senate Superintendents office in 2013, bringing over 18 years of experience in facility design, construction, maintenance, operational readiness, and emergency preparedness to the Senate Superintendent's Office. He began his public service career with the Architect of the Capitol in 2004 as General Engineer with the Senate Office Buildings where he supported fire and life-safety initiatives. In 2005, he joined the House Superintendent's Office where he worked on several infrastructure improvement projects. In 2007, Lawrence joined the Library Buildings and Grounds Superintendent's Office as the Assistant Superintendent for the Facilities Operations Division. He was named Deputy Superintendent for the Senate Office Buildings in 2013. As of October 13, 2015, Lawrence will be serving as Acting Deputy Director of Planning and Project Management (PPM).

A photographic portrait of Michael Shirven

Michael Shirven, Assistant Superintendent

In 2003, Michael joined the Architect of the Capitol as the General Engineer in the Senate Superintendent's Office. He worked on projects such as building automation projects for installing directory signs and energy efficient ballasts, and projects to upgrade the electrical distribution equipment in the Senate Office Buildings. In 2007, he was promoted to Assistant Superintendent. He is responsible for Facility Operations Division overseeing elevator, subway, electric, plumbing, air conditioning, 2 shift maintenance, 3rd shift maintenance, fire electronic, and audio/visual.

A photographic portrait of Jean Gilles

Jean Gilles, Assistant Superintendent

In 2001, Jean joined the Architect of the Capitol as a Safety Engineer in the Senate Office Buildings providing oversight and technical support to the Senate Offices, Superintendent's shops and contractors. The oversight and technical support were provided during major and minor construction, renovations, restoration projects and office moves. Jean was promoted to Assistant Superintendent of the Client Services Division in 2010. He is responsible for the Labor, Custodial, Senate Health and Fitness, Inventory Management, Senate Garage and Service Center.

A photographic portrait of Eric Swanson

Eric Swanson, Assistant Superintendent

Eric brings over 16 years of facility operations and management experience to the Senate Superintendents Office. He joined the Architect of the Capitol as a Safety Engineer in the Senate Office Buildings in 2001 where he was instrumental in developing and implementing the Senate Safety Program. In 2009 he joined the Immediate Office as a General Engineer, focusing on Agency wide initiatives. That position transitioned into the Performance, Strategy, and Innovation Division where Eric worked on the AOC's Strategic Vision and other process improvement initiatives. In 2014, he was named Assistant Superintendent of the Facility Support Division overseeing programs such as worker safety, capital improvement projects, fire and life safety, and computer-aided facilities management (CAFM).

A photographic portrait of Paul Kirkpatrick

Paul Kirkpatrick, Assistant Superintendent

In 2010, Paul joined the Architect of the Capitol as a Project Manager where he has focused on projects including the historic mural and decorative painting conservation in the Brumidi Corridors, exterior stone and metal preservation at the United States Capitol. Paul has also been integral to the planning and preparation for construction of the Book Storage Facility Module 5 for the Library of Congress at Fort Meade. In 2014, Paul was promoted to the position of Assistant Superintendent for the Tenant Services Division in the Senate Office Buildings. In this position, he leads a dedicated team of wood crafters, painters, upholsterers, masons, sheet metal workers and furniture handlers to support Congress and to preserve the Senate's heritage assets.