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Sustainability, Energy and Water Conservation Report

Sustainability, Energy and Water Conservation Report

The East Front of the U.S. Capitol at Dusk

The Architect of the Capitol releases an annual energy report to highlight efforts to reduce energy use. As stewards of the U.S. Capitol and as a legislative agency, the AOC is required to meet annual reductions in energy consumption and report annual progress. The annual energy report was created to inform Congress and the American people of the AOC’s progress on meeting its efficiency goals as well as its further commitments to sustainability and water efficiency. It includes details on the AOC’s approach, achievements, and areas identified for future progress.

Message from the Architect of the Capitol

I am pleased to present the Architect of the Capitol's (AOC's) Fiscal Year (FY) 2013 Annual Sustainability, Energy and Water Conservation Report. Since 2006, we have reported on our successful efforts to reduce energy and water consumption. This past year was no different in that we made great progress in reducing energy consumption across the Capitol campus.

This report details our achievements, as well as our future plans and initiatives. We have two success stories in FY 2013 that merit special attention:

  • The AOC achieved a 25.2 percent energy reduction, exceeding our goal of 24 percent. This achievement was made possible by the unwavering commitment and teamwork of AOC employees. We accomplished our goal while still maintaining the historic integrity and operational functionality of our buildings. We did this through coordinated information sharing and employee innovation.
  • Throughout the past eight years of our 10-year energy reduction program, the AOC worked diligently to meet our energy goals. Enhanced technology components of our recent infrastructure and building upgrades provided new tools to improve our energy use decision-making and efficiency. This year’s success is directly attributable to our employees’ adoption of these new technologies. We are using energy data and advanced control systems to solve complex issues and drive efficiency improvements.

The AOC's collective efforts were formally recognized in September 2013 by the Association of Energy Engineers with its Regional Energy Award for "Accomplishments on Developing, Organizing, Managing and Implementing an Outstanding Corporate Energy Management Program." This honor is a direct result of both our commitment to save energy and the investment Congress has made in our facilities.

The AOC faces a significant challenge meeting the energy reduction goal in the final two years of the 10-year program. This report, along with the AOC Strategic Vision and our Sustainability Plan, conveys our conservation and sustainability goals and details the critical efforts we are undertaking to achieve the next goal of 27 percent energy reduction in FY 2014. We all understand that our individual actions can add up to a tremendous collective effort to save energy. As stewards of the Capitol campus, we will continue to do our part to improve energy efficiency at the U.S. Capitol.

Stephen T. Ayers, FAIA, LEED AP
Architect of the Capitol

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