Today, there are more than 2,000 AOC employees serving around the clock to maintain and preserve the buildings and grounds.

Tracing its beginnings to the laying of the Capitol cornerstone in 1793, the AOC is responsible for the operations and care of more than 18.4 million square feet of facilities, 570 acres of grounds and thousands of works of art. The Capitol campus is home to 30,000 daily occupants and hosts more than 3 million visitors annually.

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We serve in diverse roles applying both modern techniques and historical tradecrafts in the care and preservation of the Capitol campus.

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We must ensure every visitor to Capitol Hill experiences the grandeur of these historic treasures at their very best.

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The Architect of the Capitol publishes a wide variety of publications to increase transparency and accountability.

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Soldiers carrying casket in U.S. Capitol Rotunda

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Lying in State or Honor

The Rotunda of the U.S. Capitol is where the nation pays final tribute to its most eminent citizens.

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What is the function of the U.S. Capitol?

The United States Capitol Building houses the meeting chambers of the Senate (in the north wing) and the House of Representatives (in the south wing) – the two bodies that compose the legislative branch of the American government.


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