Photograph of people walking outside on a Self-Guided Tour of Capitol Hill
Visitors can tour many highlights on Capitol Hill without registering.


A group of visitors walking in in front of the Capitol Building
Building, Infrastructure, People The Architect of the Capitol is committed to...


House Office Buildings laborers like Keith Quick carefully move thousands of boxes and other items among member storerooms every election year.
The House Office Buildings laborers continuously improve service delivery and...


Stewards of iconic buildings and grounds of Capitol Hill since 1793.


The Summerhouse, a hexagon-shaped brick structure set into the sloping hillside of the West Front lawn on the Senate side of the U.S. Capitol Building, has offered rest and shelter to travelers for over a century.
Frederick Law Olmsted was appointed by Congress in 1874 to develop and improve the Capitol Grounds... More »
House Bronze Doors at the east portico entrance of the U.S. Capitol's House wing
The bronze doors of the House wing are comparable to the Senate doors. Each valve consists of... More »


Photo from a Flowers Stink production.
Kennedy Center Musical Co-commissioned with the United States Botanic Garden Nominated The Helen... More »
Fire safety in the Library of Congress Thomas Jefferson Building.
In 1800, the Joint Committee on the Library—the oldest continuous Joint Committee of the U.S.... More »
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