The Office of the Chief Engineer (OCE) provides consolidated services to all jurisdictions across the Architect of the Capitol (AOC) for the safe and efficient delivery of planning, design, construction and maintenance of critical infrastructure to provide Awe-Inspiring Facilities for our customers. These services include long-range facility planning, architectural and engineering design, historic preservation and project and program management.

The OCE conducts campus master planning, building performance audits, retro-commissioning and facility condition assessments (FCAs). The OCE also manages an energy and sustainability program, provides project funded, in-house construction services and supports critical campuswide systems — including electrical distribution, emergency generators, cable television, legislative clocks and the AOC's Building Automation System (BASnet).

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A talented employee of an Architect of the Capitol sheet metal shop.


Skillful Craftmanship

We serve in diverse roles applying both modern techniques and historical tradecrafts in the care and preservation of the Capitol campus.

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