Painted Portrait of Benjamin Henry Latrobe
Benjamin Henry Latrobe was hired by President Jefferson in 1803 to fill the...


Decorative Painter Ben Roberts plies his trade by enhancing the beauty of the buildings on Capitol Hill.
Find out how AOC's painters use tricks of the trade to turn wood into...


Stewards of iconic buildings and grounds of Capitol Hill since 1793.


U.S. Capitol Dome was constructed with 8,909,200 pounds of ironwork bolted together in a masterpiece of American will and ingenuity.
The United States Capitol Dome may well be the most famous man-made landmark in America. It is such... More »
Apotheosis of Democracy Sculptural Pediment
The Sculpture "Peace Protecting Genius," an allegorical group consisting of two figures, fills the... More »


2016 carved into a column capital during the Capitol Exterior Preservation project's stone work.
This past year has been filled with many sweet moments around the Capitol campus. From big events... More »
Epicatanthe Volcano Trick Orange Fire Orchid
Things don't slow down just because it's winter. Below are five reasons to explore the U.S. Botanic... More »
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