Photograph of people walking outside on a Self-Guided Tour of Capitol Hill
Visitors can tour many highlights on Capitol Hill without registering.


A group of visitors walking in in front of the Capitol Building
Building, Infrastructure, People The Architect of the Capitol is committed to...


Senator Inouye will lie in state in the Capitol Rotunda on Thursday, December...


Stewards of iconic buildings and grounds of Capitol Hill since 1793.


The first congressional office buildings were constructed immediately after the turn of the century... More »
As it appears today, the U.S. Capitol Rotunda is the result of two distinct building campaigns. Dr... More »


Updated: April 24, 2017 This year's series of concerts will be inaugurated by the Army Band on... More »
AOC's Joel Evans standing with the Supreme Court Building in the background.
What started as a boy's after-school project request has turned into a man's mission. Joel Evans,... More »
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