Arthur Logan was working as an electrician helper in 2005 when a coworker told him, "You're in the wrong field. You need to be an architect."

"When I became an electrician helper, I started seeing how buildings were actually going up. And I was playing a part in that," says Logan. He decided architecture was something he wanted to seriously pursue and made a plan to go to school during the day and work at night to accomplish his goal.

With that plan in mind, Logan started working at the Architect of the Capitol (AOC) as a night custodian in 2010 and began attending Howard University to study architecture in 2011. "I participated in the student loan repayment program that we have here at the Architect of the Capitol, so that helped with my schooling," he says.

Logan says that his mentors at the AOC were always very supportive of his career ambitions and his education. When he graduated from Howard in 2017 with an architectural degree, he was able to take on a detail position with the AOC's Energy and Design Services Division. "The whole front office and engineering department took me under their wing, and each one of them gave me different nuggets of encouragement and knowledge," says Logan. "They helped me proceed to where I'm at now."

During his detail, Logan successfully applied for an open junior architect position in the Senate Office Buildings. "When the opportunity came up over on the Senate side, I jumped on it."

Logan's favorite aspect of his current role is preserving history. "Looking at it from a historic standpoint — the beauty of the buildings we have over here at the Senate, and keeping that history alive and maintaining it, I think that’s one of the most beautiful things of my job. And I'm helping to solve problems. That's what makes this job so exciting."

He also enjoys being able to work in a collaborative role where he's always learning. "I'm working with every trade in the building, because mostly every project needs someone's hand in it. And luckily, we have some of the best men and women here to give insight," says Logan. "I'm able to manage that project a little better by getting their insight from the beginning."

Having a strong support system, both at work and at home, has been key for Logan's career. "I've encountered some great individuals all the way through my path. I'm a firm believer that you constantly learn, you never stop learning and you take every bit of information that someone gives you."

"Toward my last year at Howard, I met my now-wife, and she really pushed me over the hump." He also values the support of his supervisor, Bonnie Holod. "Bonnie pushes me, she steers me in the right direction, and I can go to her about anything," he says. "She's definitely helped me along this journey, and I have to take my hat off to her, because she is the reason why I can continue to do projects and succeed, because of her guidance and mentorship."

Juggling education and work posed a challenge at times, but Logan says the end result was worth it. "I definitely lost a lot of sleep. On my desk at school, I had a note that I wrote to myself saying that the reward is greater than the struggle. So, whenever I felt like I couldn’t make it, I would always look back at that note," he says.

"It was a hard journey, but in life to be successful, nothing is easy. And you have to walk that tough path to get where you want to be. It's not just you, you have to pick up pieces along the way from different mentors, different people that you encounter, to get where you need to be. I think that's one of the reasons why I’m here at this point today."


What an amazing story and accomplishment!!!!

I love love this story, I am so very proud of this gentlemen architect and his accomplishments! He made sure his dream came true!

I love this story mainly because I myself love design and architecture, the thought process to drawing on paper to the full blown project being completed. Years ago when my deceased husband was living I was in real estate, he was a building inspector in gorgeous Prince Georges County then the market crashed, I subsequently became a kitchen and bath designer for some of the Big Box Stores and expanded design into interiors and would sell the entire project through the store.

I would visualize projects coming out of the ground. My deceased husband would sit down and draw up home improvement projects by hand for others and I enjoyed watching that process. Subsequently, I got my associates degree in Auto-Cad and Revit, then the college closed down.

I didn't want to lose that skill so I would take part-time projects that involved these skills. Then 2 years later I applied to the AOC as a custodial laborer in hopes of rising through the ranks, to accomplish the same goals as this wonderful architect! I hope to follow this architects footsteps and other architects and civil engineers of the AOC, a great place to see your vision come true. Great story so much encouragement for folks like me.

Great story, the AoC has always supported career advancement and provided opportunities for those that seek them out! Fantastic work Arthur!

Arthur Logan! Hats off to you! Thank you for sharing your story of hard work, determination and success! Ad Astra!

Congratulations on your success my friend, we worked side-by-side many nights we shared the struggle. You're the best!!

What a great story! Congratulations! It is hard to have a vision and work towards it.

Congratulations fellow Bison!

Congratulation on your accomplishments, I know it was something special about you, now I know. You Inspired me, NO more procrastinating for me.

This is a great story congratulations!

Congratulations! This is such an inspiring story. Thank you for sharing!

That is awesome and I hope your story is an inspiration to many others.

Your hard work is paying dividends now. Congratulation on all your school and career successes and best wishes on your future endeavors.

Amazing story and amazing person!

What an inspiring story. You should consider mentorship so that other young men can be inspired by your success!! Congratulations!!

This is a awesome story, Congrats keep moving FORWARD.

That's an awesome story, it's really inspiring to know you can do anything you set your mind to. Congratulations!

Your story is so inspiring. Congratulations to you! Such an awesome journey here at the AOC.

Congratulations to you! What a great story and encouragement for me!! It has inspired me to stop procrastinating and get started on my journey to my longtime passion!!!! Thank you for sharing!

One of the senates finest employee a wonderful asset to the A.O.C.

You do have a great story Art... Your a great team player and asset to the team. Keep up the good work and continue to inspire!

You are an inspiration. Hats off to you and those that helped guide your path.

Thanks for sharing your personal story and professional achievement.

Congratulations and continued success, Arthur! Stay hungry for knowledge and keep striving for more.

As a student architect I can relate to this story. It is amazing to see how Mr. Logan persevered to accomplish his dreams. His story is an inspiration to me and I am sure to many others. Looks like the AOC is a great place to work, where you are part of a community of public servants making a difference in the world. I have recently applied to a position as an Architect Summer Intern and hope to one day work and learn from AOC's finest such as Mr. Arthur Logan.

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