The Architect of the Capitol has a legacy and ancestry that is rooted in the...
Preparation for spring on Capitol grounds.
Spring is the season of new beginnings when the Earth seems to come to life...

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Images on the Architect of the Capitol website can be downloaded in high-resolution through the AOC Flickr page. These images are in the public domain and, unless otherwise noted, may be used without permission for educational, scholarly or personal (i.e., nonpromotional, nonadvertising) purposes. These terms also apply to images on the AOC Instagram account and other official social and web properties.

AOC at Work The Capitol Through the Seasons U.S. Capitol Grounds

When any of the AOC's images are used in print or electronic publications, the photographic credit line should read "Architect of the Capitol." If an image requires additional use permission, a note to that effect appears on the relevant download page.

These images may not be used in any way that would imply endorsement by the Architect of the Capitol or the United States Congress of a product, service or point of view. Photographs from the records of the Architect of the Capitol may be used for scholarly or educational purposes; they are not made available for promotional or advertising purposes.

A detail or cropped image may not be used in a publication unless (a) it is clearly identified as a detail or cropped version of the larger work and (b) the full image appears elsewhere in the publication.

For information about ordering images and permission to publish, please contact us through our web form or send a letter identifying the image that you would like to use and the purpose for which you wish to use it to one of the below.

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