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The Architect of the Capitol’s challenge is unique – maintaining aging, iconic buildings; adapting state-of-the-art technology; and increasing responsiveness to environmental, security and safety considerations in a rich historical setting.
The Architect of the Capitol's challenge is unique – maintaining aging, iconic...


Capitol Hill, with its rich history and iconic buildings, allows for an eclectic mix of professions. Jim Saenger, the Capitol’s Carillonneur, has perhaps one of the most unique and least visible jobs on the Hill.
Capitol Hill, with its rich history and iconic buildings, allows for an...

Workers' Compensation

The Architect of the Capitol is committed to ensuring the timely filing and effective case management of all reported work-related injury claims.

The Federal Employee’s Compensation Act (FECA) provides compensation benefits to Federal civilian employees for disability due to personal injury or disease while in the performance of duty. The FECA also provides for payment of benefits to dependents if the injury or disease causes an employee’s death.

This website has been established to provide information and assistance to AOC employees who file workers’ compensation injuries and illnesses claims with the agency. The website describes the procedures employees should follow when filing for benefits under the FECA. Our objective is to assist  employees in submitting timely claims for compensation in order to receive timely benefits from OWCP, and to monitor the medical recovery of our employees following job-related injuries and illnesses. The AOC encourages the speedy recovery of our employees from job related injuries and illnesses and their prompt return to work.

The FECA is administered by the Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs (OWCP), U.S. Department of Labor. The AOC website has been linked to the Department of Labor (DOL) website to provide our employees quick access to their claims and to the DOL's Bill Paying System.

The Workers' Compensation Program Unit, located in the Architect of the Capiol's Human Capital Management Division, is responsible for the administration of the AOC’s Workers' Compensation Program for our agency. It ensures the program is administered in accordance with the FECA and Federal Regulations. The office provides technical guidance to employees, managers, supervisors, and staff on policies and procedures related to injury claims management. The Workers' Compensation Program Unit coordinates all activities associated with the processing of all injury and disease claims sustained in the AOC.

In each jurisdiction, designated Field Coordinators are available to assist AOC employees, day or night, in filing injury or disease claims. You will find in this website information that you should follow if you need assistance in filing a claim, securing medical treatment or getting your medical bills paid.

If you have any questions regarding the AOC's Workers' Compensation Program, please contact the Workers' Compensation Program Unit at 202.226.2547 for assistance.

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AOC Injury and Illness Resources

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Workers' Compensation