The Architect of the Capitol's (AOC) Senate Office Buildings jurisdiction oversees the office and committee space for the United States Senate. It has oversight for the daily care, maintenance, repair and operations of more than 3 million square feet of facility space, including the DirksenHart and Russell Senate office buildings, restaurants, an employees' child care center, a congressional page school and dormitory and subway systems. The jurisdiction also manages leased facilities housing off-site Senate support organizations and coordinates the office move process for senators and staff.

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Contact the Senate Superintendent Service Center at 202.224.3141 or submit an Online Service Request (Capitol Network only).


Senate Office Buildings Projects

Russell Exterior Envelope Project

The Architect of the Capitol, in conjunction with the Senate Committee on Rules and Administration, has developed a three-sequence restoration project to preserve the exterior envelope of the century-old building.

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Arthur Logan was working as an electrician helper in 2005 when a coworker told him, "You're in the wrong field. You need to be an architect."
Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes: Senate Office Buildings Masonry Branch

Some Architect of the Capitol employees are highly visible, while others work behind the scenes to preserve the awe-inspiring facilities on Capitol Hill. Go behind the scenes to learn more about the work of the Senate Office Buildings Masonry Branch beginning at 4 a.m. each morning.
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Two Thumbs Up for Taking the Edge Off

A small and seemingly simple tool used by the Architect of the Capitol sheet metal mechanics reduces injuries by saving hands, which is why we give it two thumbs up as a cool tool. This deburring tool removes sharp edges from metal which must be custom fit to unique spaces.
A talented employee of an Architect of the Capitol sheet metal shop.


Skillful Craftmanship

We serve in diverse roles applying both modern techniques and historical tradecrafts in the care and preservation of the Capitol campus.

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