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U.S. Botanic Garden Jurisdiction

U.S. Botanic Garden Jurisdiction

The USBG's Bill McLaughlin and Devin Dotson with Corpse Flower (Amorphophallus titanum) 2016.

The Architect of the Capitol serves as the Acting Director of the U.S. Botanic Garden and reports on its operations to Congress.

The USBG jurisdiction is responsible for the maintenance, operations and construction for the USBG facilities, including the Conservatory and approximately eight acres of surrounding gardens encompassing the National Garden and Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi Park.

The USBG is also responsible for an administration building and a plant production and support facility with 36 greenhouse bays, outdoor nurseries and areas for storage and maintenance.

The USBG is the steward of a diverse plant collection (including rare and endangered plants) and provides educational programs, tours, exhibits and consultations, as well as training for youth. The USBG is a leader in plant conservation efforts and has helped found the Sustainable Sites Initiative (SITES) program to encourage sustainable landscaping practices.

Meet Saharah Moon Chapotin, Executive Director.

More information is available at www.usbg.gov.