The Cannon House Office Building's renewal is an example of the Architect of the Capitol's commitment to preserving our nation's history.

The Cannon Building has not received a comprehensive systems upgrade since the 1930s, and many of the building's systems are original – dating back to 1908 or earlier. The systems are past the end of their useful lives and the increasing risk of their failure jeopardizes the building's long-term functionality and safety. Other necessary work includes upgrading infrastructure systems and repairing the exterior stone façade.

Current Phase: Phase 3 - East Wing

Historic Preservation

As an authority on historic preservation, the Architect of the Capitol (AOC) follows conservation principles. The renewal of the Cannon House Office Building is an example of the AOC's commitment to preserving our nation's history one project at a time for future generations to appreciate and enjoy.

Historic Preservation: Cannon House Office Building

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Preserving Historic Windows and Doors

The preservation of the Cannon House Office Building's historic windows and doors allows the building to retain much of its original character and charm, while increasing the building's functionality for those who work and visit within its walls. Learn more about the process.
History & Discoveries

Cool Cannon Construction Finds

During the process of renewing the Cannon House Office Building, workers have found hidden treasures that had been lost or discarded by the laborers who constructed the building more than 100 years

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