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Power to Save Program

At the AOC we are leading the effort to conserve energy across Capitol Hill.

As stewards of the facilities on Capitol Hill, we will continue to do our part, but we also need YOU to help us make a difference.

Our individual actions can add up to a tremendous collective effort to save energy. Turn off your office lights, computers and copiers at the end of the day. Recycle paper and other materials.

Power to Save is designed to serve congressional staff and address their questions about energy and water efficiency, preservation, waste management, indoor air quality, transportation and other important sustainability issues.

With Congress's support, the AOC has implemented a number of programs and completed a variety of projects designed to produce significant results in saving taxpayer dollars and conserving our natural resources. The choices that we make every day can help save energy and improve the environment.

Please help by doing your part to save energy.

Power off personal electronics and devices
Last Out Policy
Turn off lights and TVs, and close windows
Minimize Printing
Double side print and use recycled paper
Use Occupancy Sensors
Copyrooms/ Restrooms/ Storerooms
Recycle Champion
Contact a Superintendent for bins
Energy Star
Purchase Energy Star office equipment


What's Your Conservation IQ?