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Performance and Accountability Report

The Architect of the Capitol's (AOC) annual Performance and Accountability Report (PAR) provides the results of the AOC's financial performance each fiscal year (FY). It demonstrates the AOC's commitment to the accomplishment of its mission and accountability for its financial resources to the Congress, Supreme Court, public and other stakeholders.

FY 2018

Read the full FY 2018 Performance and Accountability Report.

The video below takes a quick look back at this past fiscal year's work and accomplishments.

How this Report is Organized

The FY 2018 PAR provides AOC's financial and performance information for the period beginning on October 1, 2017, and ending on September 30, 2018. The report provides candid insight into AOC's operations and accomplishments for the fiscal year and the challenges the organization faces. By way of introduction, the PAR includes an Executive Summary of AOC's financial and performance results, along with a Message from the Architect of the Capitol. The remainder of the report is divided into the four main sections below and various appendices.

  • Section I: Management's Discussion and Analysis
  • Section II: Performance Information
  • Section III: Financial Information
  • Section IV: Other Information